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Domestic affairs

[WvS] me, myself and I
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[blog] my blog at I-am.WS
I started this site way back in 1995, the Middle Ages of Internet time.
Originating from Amsterdam and after four years in Singapore, I'm now living in Calgary, close to the Canadian Rockies. First working for Sun Microsystems, now for Cisco Systems and spending the weekends exploring the outdoors.
After a past of industrial automation and building B2B websites, I'm currently a Consulting Systems Engineer, specialized in Cisco UCS.

Sharing it

[GPS moving maps] where are you
[FishEye] goggles for your camera
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To share or not to share ... that's the question. Which isn't a big issue overhere. Lots of stuff on this site is "take it if you like it". However my GPS moving maps software is shareware. It's a Windows application that taps on online mapping to show you exactly where you are.


[Rubber Sheeting] Rubber Sheeting
[Garp] World according to Garp
[Png] PNG format & tools
[PngSuite] the PNG test-suite
[NeXT] black NeXT
[ucslayout] UCS Layout
Some people peak in the morning, but my internal clock dictates that the best results come after 10 pm. What follows here are the results of those night-shifts.
Starting in the eighties with a BBC micro, I switched in 1992 to a NeXTstation color and nowadays I'm a Linux CentOS person. Garp, a program originating on the BBC, is an example of how computers can support other hobbies, like in this case cartography.
Over the years I worked a lot on the PNG, the graphics format, which is lossless, very compact and supports alpha and gamma. Pnmtopng and pamtopng, written by Alex Lehmann and me, converts png-images to and from the versatile PbmPlus formats. The most popular part of my site is PngSuite, a set of test-images for png developers.
One of the more recent skunkwork software development projects I've done is a rack layout tool for Cisco UCS and other network and storage gear. You can find it at ucs4.us/ucs/layout.

Just do it

[Biking the Pyrenees] biking the Pyrenees
[Devils Gap] high in the Rockies
[Paradise Valley] winter camping in June
My wife Fiona and I love the outdoors. And we were able to explore the National Parks in many parts of the world. Travel with us to those spots, ranging from New Zealand or Sumatra to the Negev Desert.
Now that we are living in one of the best parts of the world for trekking and hiking, you can expect here both sunny and snowy pictures of the Canadian West.

Good old friends

[TSVO] met dank aan de BB
Well, you know who you are.

To be continued

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Please leave a message if you have any comments, or when you want to know more. Suggestions are always welcome, criticism only sometimes :-).

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