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On this page, I have collected links to all the bits and pieces on my site that are available for downloading. Most of it is freeware, but some is shareware.

  program platform distribution description
[Sockets for http] WServer WClient wsrv wget JVM or Win32 C or Java sources + binaries Have you ever dreamt of writing your own Apache or Netscape? I do regularly! :-)
Seriously, writing a basic web-server or browser is not that difficult. Here is a starting point, both in Java and in Visual-C.
[Gem] Gem Win32 binary only Gem is a "moving map" program that downloads maps from the Internet. Later, on the road, the current position is read from a GPS unit and used to display the correct map.
[pngcsum] pngcsum all source only This program corrects the CRC32 checksums at the end of a chunk. This can be necessary because the data in the chunk got currupted or because it was edited / created by hand.
[pngexif] pngexif all source and binary This tool extracts exif data from a PNG eXIf chunk, or adds an eXIf chunk to an existing PNG image.
[pnmtopng] pnmtopng all source only Alex Lehmann and I developed pnmtopng together in the early days of PNG. It is a command line program, but does a very good job in optimally compressing the PNG output.
[pamtopng] pam2png all source and binary A quick and dirty implementation of a pamtopng converter that doesn't depend on the netpbm libraries.
[PngMinus] pngminus all source PngMinus contains pnm2png and png2pnm. They are little brothers of pnmtopng and pngtopnm. Less functionality, but the good news is they don't rely on the netpbm library, but have their own routines for reading and writing pbm/pgm/ppm files. Click here for the README file.
[Tiff2Png] tiff2png all source and Win32 binary Tiff2png was originally a quicky to convert NeXT tiff images to png, while conserving the alpha-channels. Something that "tifftopnm | pnmtopng" couldn't do. It is used by many people to convert faxes to Web-friendly PNGs.
[AlphaMix] AlphaMix Win32 binary AlphaMix allows you to overlay PNG images on a tiled or centred background image, which becomes particularly interesting when the foreground images contains an alpha-channel
[PingPong] PingPong NeXTstep M68k + I86 binary only PingPong is a PNG viewer for the NeXTstep platform, both for the original black Motorola based systems, as well as for the newer Intel PC hardware based systems.
[VisualPng] VisualPng Win32 source, VC6++ project VisualPng is a demo project that shows how you can develop Win32 based applications in Visual C++ 6.0. It is also part of the libpng ./contrib section
[FishEye] FishEye Win32 binary only FishEye is a shareware program to quickly view a directory full of bitmap images, like when you have downloaded the photo's from your digital camera.
[PalmABA] PalmABA Linux or Win32 C sources + binaries A utility to create Palm "address book archive" (.aba) files from comma delimited files (.csv).

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