[NeXT] PBM-Plus binaries for NeXT

The PBM-Plus utilities were developed in the early 90's by Jeff Posanzker to do conversion of graphics formats from the command-line. Sources can be found at ftp.x.org. Some of the more advanced conversions do require additional libraries, like the PNG library (in combination with the zlib libs), Sam Lefner's tiff-library or the jpeg code developed by Tom Lane.

Because not all NeXT users are proficient programmers and therefore often have problems with adepting the makefiles needed to compile everything, I have put on my ftp-server binaries of some of the tools, compiled for m68k and i386. My selection has been based on those formats and conversions normally encountered when creating Web-pages.

The files are:

If you are in real need for some other binaries of PBM-Plus, drop me an E-mail.

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