[PingPong] PingPong the NeXTstep PNG viewer


What is PingPong? A Chinese Virus? Nope, PingPong is a (the!) PNG viewer for the NeXTstep platform. You can open PNG files by double-clicking on them and then save them as TIFF files. PNG-files with alpha channel or transparency chunck are displayed on a light-gray background and will be converted to TIFF files with alpha. The info-panel gives a nifty demo of the Adam-7 interlacing method adopted by the PNG standard.

Click to download the program and/or the readme file.

Logo image

For a small demo of the added value of PNG over GIF, click here, which will show a 480x480 image of the PingPong logo compressed into 18kB. When your Web-browser supports it, automagically gamma-correction will be done, resulting in the same image on PC, Mac or workstations. This PNG file has a gamma of 1.0, so if you run a PC and the browser does not support gamma-correction, your picture will be on the dark side.

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