[PNG] TIFF to PNG image converter

[tiff2png] As the name already indicates, tiff2png converts bitmap images from TIFF into PNG. Because many fax-files are saved as .tiff, this program finds good use to convert those faxes to the more web-friendly PNG format. Original reason to develop tiff2png was the lack of conversion possibilities for TIFF files containing alpha channels. Especially on NeXT systems, users create lots of TIFF files that have the rather exceptional 2-bit gray and 4-bit color formats, containing an alpha channel besides the graphics info. When converting these to PNG using tiff2png, the alpha channels are correctly conserved.

Tiff2png started as a Unix source-only distribution. Recently I got it working fine on Windows, using Visual-C++ 6.0 as my developement environment. Either get yourself the latest-greatest versions of libpng, libtiff and zlib, or choose from the packages I did prepare. Download tiff2png if you just need the source and makefile, or tiff2png-lib if you want the libraries included. For Windows folks, grab tiff2png-vc6 if you want the complete project for Visual-C++, or tiff2png.exe if you want a pre-build executable.

Click here for the readme-file.

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