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Guest house

Wisma Cinta Alam, Ketambe, Aceh Tengarra is the ideal base from which to start your adventure of a lifetime in the Gunung Leuser National Park. Gunung Leuser National Park is one of the finest tropical rain-forest parks in the world. Ketambe is a small village right in the centre of this vast wilderness. For many years it has been a favourite destination of researchers, wildlife photographers and adventurers as well as travellers hoping to catch a glimpse of Sumatran wildlife in its natural setting.


The permit you need for the national park, can be arranged from the Wisma Cinta Alam guest house. Bring three photocopies of your passport and your indonesian visa (the white card you fill in at immigration).


Wisma Cinta Alam is the original guest house in this area and is still the best. Situated near the entrance to the Mt. Leuser National Park, visitors have easy access to the forest and also to a beautiful secluded beach on the Alas River, where you can bath / swim whilst watching the birds, monkeys and orang-utans. Available: dormitory, single/double rooms and beautiful new cottages nearer the river. All cheap but very clean.

Food and drink

Always available are traditional Gayonese, Acehnese and Minang foods, as well as the usual travellers favourites. The locally grown coffee is highly regarded by both the locals and visitors alike. Also available here are cigarettes, soap and a range of other essential items.

Trekking options

Whether you want to go for a gentle walk to see orang-utans or hope to mount a full scale expedition deep into the jungle, the experienced guides at Wisma Cinta Alam can help you to plan every last detail. The guides here have many years experience and can take you to places that few other people know about. Mountain climbing, bird or animal watching, fishing, rafflesia flowers, orchids, waterfalls, hot springs, strange vulcanic landscapes, secret lakes and many other magical places deep in the virgin jungle.

Rafting options

Many people have already enjoyed 1 to 7 day rafting tours on the beautiful Alas River with the experienced Wisma Cinta Alam rafting guides. They will be happy to help you plan a trip that exactly suits your requirements. For those travellers in search of a really exclusive adventure it is also possible to arrange a rafting expedition on virtually unchartered rivers deep in the park.

Travel information

Wisma Cinta Alam can advise you on where to go next and can tell you about forthcoming cultural events in Aceh Tengarra. They know about many beautiful but rarely visited places in Aceh and can tell you the real price of just about any bus journey in Aceh or North Sumatra. They can also help to arrange bicycle, motorbike or car rental / charter.


Please note: At present it is not possible to change traveller cheques in Aceh Tengarra. The nearest money changers are in Berastagi, Kabanjahe, Tapaktuan, Meulabeloh and Bandah Aceh. Be prepared!

T.Y. Johan S. - tour guide river rafting and mountain trekking
Wisma Cinta Alam - Jln. Blangkereren - Ketambe - 24652
Kec. Badar - Kab. Agara - Aceh INDONESIA