Climbing Mt. Kemiri - Sumatra

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Going to the top

Fanatic climbers can choose to climb Kemiri mountain (3314 meters). The climb will take a total of five days and leads you through the amazing scenery of Gunung Leuser. As you climb higher, you will notice the vegetation becoming thinner. This transition as well as the variety of plants and trees you will encounter, is truly a miraculous sight.

When you finally are at the top, after three days climbing, you have a spectacular view over all the other mountains of the Mount Leuser National Park. This includes of course Mount Leuser it self. Maybe an idea for your next trip. But take care, an expedition from Ketambe to Mount Leuser and back will take you at least two weeks stiff walking.

This all naturally given that the weather is fine. Up there, you are sometimes under, sometimes over and hopefully not too much in the clouds.

Your Indonesian guide will take care of the organisation of this trip.

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