Bukit Lawang - Sumatra

Bohorok Rehabilitation Centre for orang-utans

5-day hiking tour over the Kutacane mountains towards Katambe

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Trip description

Arrival at Medan airport. Possibility for a short stay in Medan. Nature lovers can choose to head straight for the mountains by bus, to enjoy the Gunung Leuser tropical rain-forest. A three hour trip will take you to Bukit Lawang. Here, you will find many cottages with porches, where you can recover from busy Medan.

In Bukit Lawang, you will need a permit to enter the park. The permit is issued in exchange for a copy of your passport. In the Bukit Lawang visitors' centre you can watch a film about the rehabilitation of the orang-utan. A beautiful documentary, with impressive as well as agonizing images. From the village, a two kilometer long, rocky trail leads to the banks of the Landat river, passing cocoa plantations. The reception centre is situated across the river and a park ranger will take you across by canoe. Here, you can attend the feeding of the orang-utans (feeding hours to be checked in advance in Bukit Lawang). Also, you can spend the day admiring the beautiful landscape.

The 5-day hiking tour starts the next day, taking you over the Kutacane mountains towards Ketambe, accompanied by an Indonesian guide. You will need good quality hiking boots, trousers, long stockings and sufficient blouses or T-shirts. Other recommendable items are a sleeping bag and mat, a flask, a torch and binoculars. Food and tent-cloth will be brought by your guide.

Depending on the size of the group (min. 4 - max. 6), one or two carriers will join to carry the food and canvas. Be sure not to take too much luggage, any excess luggage will be taken to Ketambe by bus. During the hiking tour, you can admire the unique plant and animal life of Gunung Leuser. You will actually experience what you have seen in the nature documentary back in Bukit Lawang.

Nature life

You will have the opportunity to see orang-utans, gibbons and many other breeds of monkeys, 250 types of birds, 194 different types of reptiles and a further 62 different amphibians. Your guide will point out the numerous types of plants and trees that this area has to offer. Well before sunset, a camp will be set up and a simple but nutritious Indonesian meal will be prepared. Nights will be spent in tents.

After five days, you will arrive in Ketambe. Ketambe is situated in the province of Aceh, right in the middle of the national park, alongside the Alas river. A genuine warm welcome awaits you in the Cinta Alam (Love Nature) guest house, where you can rest comfortably from your trip.

The above trip can also be made in the reverse direction, from Ketambe to Bukit Lawang or can be combined with other trips from Ketambe.

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