Leuser National Park - Sumatra

hiking over mountains and through tropical jungle

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How to get there

Ketambe lies in Western Aceh, which offers one of the most spectacular landscapes of all of Indonesia. The major part of Gunung Leuser lies in the province of Aceh. Until recently, roads have made travelling to Ketambe significantly easier. Ketambe has a scientific research centre, which is not open to visitors. Ketambe can be reached via Kutacane, in the Alas valley. It takes a 6-8 hour drive from Medan.

In Ketambe, you can stay at the "Cinta Alam" (Love Nature) guest house. Your Indonesian guide can be reached here. They will try to accommodate your wishes with regard to hiking and rafting tours.

Hiking through the National Park

Food and tent-cloth will be provided for by the guide. Depending on the duration of the trip and the size of the group (min 2 to max 6), carriers can be hired to carry the food and canvas. Good quality hiking boots are a necessity. Other recommendable items are trousers, stockings, a sleeping bag and mat, a flask, a torch and binoculars. Please be sure not to take too much luggage. Any excess luggage can be left behind at the guest house.

Flora and fauna

During the trip, you can admire the unique plant and animal life of Gunung Leuser.Your guide will point out the numerous types of plants and trees that this area has to offer. You are likely to see orang-utans, gibbons and many other breeds of monkeys, 250 types of birds, 194 different types of reptiles and a further 62 different amphibians, truly an amazing experience!

Well before sunset, a camp will be set up near a river bank. The guide and carriers will prepare a simple but nutritious Indonesian meal. Nights will be spent in tents.

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