[GemPlus] Registering GemPlus

[download GemPlus]

Gem 49+ is shareware

GemPlus (download from here) can be used free of charge to try it out. But certain functions, like satellite images, will be disabled. To enable full functionality, you must register and pay an amount of US$ 19.90 or equivalent. No distinction is made between commercial and non-commercial or personal use.

I have stopped using RegSoft as the way to register. All payments are now handled using PayPal, where you can either use funds in your PayPal account or a regular credit card.

Click the button below to be redirected to PayPal for making your payment. After I receive your payment, I will send you an email with a code. Save the attached gem_key.txt file in the directory that contains your GemPlus.exe program. Restart GemPlus and you can use the program with all its features.

USD 19.90



  Willem van Schaik, Calgary, October 2007     http://www.schaik.com/wwwillem.html