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GemGlobal is shareware

GemGlobal (download from here) can be used free of charge to try it out. Without a license key the program is fully functional for Etopo2 and OpenStreetMap.org maps. For the three other mapping resources, it supports 'World' scale maps, as well as zooming in for areas north of 60° latitude. No distinction is made between commercial and non-commercial or personal use.

There are two types of license keys. For $19.90, you can use just one of the three mapping sites. A license allowing you access to all types of maps is $29.90. If you have an existing GoogleGem or MapQuest license key, you will be able to use that old one with GemGlobal as well. And if you plan to use only OpenStreetMap, I still would appreciate you taking a license to support the many hours that went into developing this software.

Click on one of the buttons below to be redirected to PayPal for making your payment. After I receive your payment, I will send you an email with a code. Save the attached gem_key.txt file in the directory that contains your GemGlobal.exe program. Restart GemGlobal and you can use the program with all its features.

all maps
USD 29.90

            only Open
USD 9.90

            only for
USD 19.90

            only for
USD 19.90

            only for
USD 19.90



  Willem van Schaik, Calgary, February 2010     http://www.schaik.com/wwwillem.html